Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Clouds flit across constantly

But you remain my Sky forever

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



 What is this curious list?
The answer is, "Poet - tree".

The Poet Tree is composed of poets who not only have names of different lengths but who represent different cultures, namely:
Ai - Japanese,

Poe - American,
Gray - English,
Dante - Italian,
Horace - Roman,
Khayyam - Persian,
Kalidasa - Indian,
Sophocles - Greek,
Baudelaire - French,
Shakespeare - English,
Li - Chinese,
Tu - Chinese,
Su - Chinese,
Aristophanes - Greek

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Its been ages since Ive stepped foot on cyberspace.
Rewind to a couple of months ago...
Dawn breaks over the perpetually hot and
smoldering city. Even if the term hot..hotter..hottest
has been done to death in describing the city's weather,
nothing else conveys the true fact so bluntly and
Ive hit the snooze button for the umpteenth time.
Ah, the pleasure of a few stolen moments of sleep...
I open my eyes a crack and check if there's sufficient
light flitting through the curtains. Oh not quite-so time
enough to turn over and snooze a wee bit. That's when
it dawns on me-literally and figuratively-I haven't set
foot on cyberspace for eight long hours at a stretch now.
OMG!! Horror of horrors!! I make a mad rush to the
bathroom, slosh some water over my groggy eyes and
dash over to the PC. Here comes the tricky part...
Now, I would seriously suggest having a silencer while the
system boots. The wretched thing makes an assortment
of noises-whoosh, pop, blip, beep....guaranteed to bring
even the heaviest sleeper crashing onto Mother Earth
from La-La Land. The shrill beep of the UPS brings
some faint stirrings from the bedroom which I successfully
quell with some soothing words.
When all is safe and sound, or rather, soundless,
I merrily start checking my all and sundry mail accounts,
blogs, tweets, facebook, orkut, minglebox etc. etc.
By the time Round One of this ritual is complete, I get a
feeling that someone must have logged on by now and
posted something interesting somewhere in my cyberscape.
So its Round Two now of mails, blogs, tweets etc.
Time flies by...
Daughter's lunch bag stands by desolately neglected...
she looks even more so. But not bad..not bad at all...
Today Im only an hour behind schedule.
And so, then started my de-addiction program....
No more setting foot in cyberspace. Power corrupts
and cyber power corrupts absolutely. Im determined
to stay away from the corrupting influence of the big
bad web...until my hubby relents to all my cajoling,
threatening, pleading and our Net connection is restored.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Melody drifting in the breeze...

Lyrics eluding my grasp...